Founder F.J. O'Brien
F.J. O’Brien
1904 – 1992
Thomas Wolf 1929 - 2007
Thomas Wolf
1929 – 2007

It was 1933. Franklin Roosevelt was in his first term; the Plummer Building dominated the Rochester skyline; and an extraordinary trial lawyer named F.J. O’Brien opened a small law office in Rochester. Later, an exceptional young attorney named Thomas Wolf joined his practice.

O’Brien and Wolf ’s promise was a simple one: they would make a difference for their clients. They did. For decades, F.J. O’Brien set the standard for legal advocacy in Southeast Minnesota. Thomas Wolf was named one of the best personal injury trial lawyers in America. O’Brien and Wolf made a difference in the lives of innumerable clients and their loved ones by helping them through their most serious and complex legal matters.



It is now over 80 years later, O’Brien & Wolf L.L.P. is Rochester’s most established law firm. The world has changed since F.J. O’Brien opened his doors in 1933, but our promise to our clients has not. The attorneys at O’Brien & Wolf L.L.P continue to make a difference for our clients by exemplifying the strong, effective, ethical representation that has been the bedrock of our practice for decades–enabling our clients to find solutions to their most important legal matters.

The breadth of our legal practice is unparalleled in Rochester. Beyond being one of Southeast Minnesota’s largest personal injury firms, our attorneys offer experienced, client-focused representation in the areas of adoptions; divorce and family law; criminal, juvenile, DUI and expungement cases; wills, trusts, health care and probate matters; civil, contract, and real estate/ construction litigation; medical malpractice cases; general business law; and alternative dispute resolution and mediation services.


The philosophy that guided F.J. O’Brien and Thomas Wolf lives on at O’Brien & Wolf L.L.P today. For those most important, complex, or emotional matters in an individual’s life, it is not enough to simply have a lawyer. People need a lawyer who makes a difference for their case. We invite you to contact O’Brien & Wolf L.L.P. with your legal needs. We can make a difference for you.