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Businesses are born, grow, and die. Constant change is the norm, and it takes experience to successfully grow your business. O’Brien & Wolf provides that experience. We set up your business structure and bylaws to prevent as many future disputes or litigation as possible. If disputes do arise, we help resolve those with the least amount of pain and cost.

We understand that you would rather be running your business and that business disputes cost you additional time and money by taking you away from that. We put ourselves in your shoes and take a practical approach. Mediation and arbitration are usually the first steps in a quick and low-cost resolution. O’Brien & Wolf stands ready to guide you through the complexities of running and growing a successful business.


Contracts are the very essence of business law. A properly written contract can save you both time and money due to contract disputes. Our years of experience go into creating contracts that help you avoid lengthy and costly litigation.

Unclear contracts create difficulties in interpretation, which can result in legal disputes. When you have contract disputes or a breach of contract, we also help you navigate those difficult waters.

There are many forms of contracts and many situations that require them. We help you determine when a contract is necessary and what form of contract provides the most protection.


Internal disputes within an organization most often involve accounting disputes. We help resolve disputes related to allocating expenses, dispersing profits, and determining who is liable for the debts of the corporation. We also handle disputes between partners or shareholders, including differences in interpretation of bylaws and who has control of the organization.

However, many internal disputes within a business can be avoided by properly setting up the business structure. From partnerships to corporations and bylaws to corporate filings, O’Brien & Wolf handles all of the complexity, determines the best business structure, and ensures a smooth process along the way.

Lease Disputes

Many businesses make use of commercial leases. Lease disputes often involve lease terms, such as who can use the property and whether it is the duty of the lessor or the lessee to make repairs. Early termination is another common lease dispute, along with the release of deposits and disputes about subleasing. O’Brien & Wolf has years of experience in all areas of lease disputes and is ready to help you.

Insurance Disputes

Commercial insurance is a necessary part of doing business. When faced with a problem with your commercial insurance, O’Brien & Wolf steps in to handle that for you. We have experience with all forms of commercial insurance disputes including coverage limits and exclusions, loss claims and assessments, unreasonable expectations, and problems with communication.

Restrictive Covenant Disputes

Employers often use restrictive covenants, such as non-compete contracts, to protect both their investment in the employee, along with confidential and proprietary company data. Non-compete clauses protect the company from employees exploiting confidential information to gain a competitive advantage. Companies also want to prevent their employees from pirating confidential information such as customers lists, trade secrets, marketing plans, and upcoming products.

Employees, on the other hand, often want to be free to work for a competitor, especially if they’ve been offered a more appealing employment package. This difference in perspective often leads to disputes that can only be handled within the legal system. At O’Brien & Wolf, we seek first the lower cost solution of mediation or arbitration. No matter what course the dispute takes, we are ready to handle the situation.

Attorney Dan Heuel, and his team will walk you through the entire process of your case and help you to better understand the semantics and logistics specific to your business agreements. Together, we’ll find the best course of action to lower your costs and ease your burden.

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