Alternative Dispute Resolution

In Minnesota, all civil cases must first be submitted to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) before they can proceed to trial. There are two general types of ADR: mediation and arbitration.

Mediation is a process where a neutral mediator meets with the parties with the goal of facilitating a voluntary settlement of the dispute.

Arbitration is a process where the neutral hears both sides to a case and issues a binding decision that resolves the case.

At O’Brien & Wolf, L.L.P. we are pleased to offer our services in ADR matters as both mediators and arbitrators. Our ADR attorneys have decades of experience in all types of civil matters, including business and family law. The neutrals at O’Brien & Wolf, L.L.P. also come with a reputation for fairness and wisdom that helps guide parties into their best opportunities to craft their own resolution to their own cases.

O’Brien & Wolf, L.L.P. partner Dan Heuel has practiced broad civil litigation for over 38 years. He has represented clients in virtually all types of civil matters, so he possesses a fundamental understanding of the ins-and-outs of the civil cases that come before him in ADR. Attorney Heuel is an experienced neutral of over 15 years, he has offered his ADR services in hundreds of civil cases.

Attorney Heuel has a track record of successfully assisting parties to resolve their civil cases in ADR. He is patient and persistent—emphasizing to the parties that this is their case, while encouraging them to make their best effort towards forging their own resolution to their dispute. Attorney Heuel is known for a pragmatic approach that strips the case down to the practical legal issues at hand, facilitates discussion of settlement of the case, and presses the parties towards possible resolution.


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